Anyone for stitch and bitch? Thanks @reallorraine

friends are like boobsI loved this quote when I saw it today, it just seemed so apt probably to us all. I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with friends old and new recently and it’s been so good. I know I have the promise of more good times as next week I also have some further catch up’s planned, not to mention those people whom I haven’t yet had time to see and hug.

My talented knitter friend Lynda came over yesterday and we had many happy moments catching up on each other’s news and generally laughing at life. I’ve realised that the majority of my friends are ‘cup half full’ type people, optimists and solution finders. Having people like that around you is a positive thing and certainly less draining than those who see the worst possible outcome everywhere. Ask yourself if your friends are drains or radiators? (clue: you need the ratio to be weighted in favour of radiators).

Lynda was telling me that she attends a weekly craft group which is called ‘Stitch and Bitch’; as it says on the tin, they stitch, knit, collage, craft and ‘chat’. There’s something about this group that attracts me greatly ;-). My fantasy group for this would be Kathy Burke, Jo Brand, Sandy Toksvig, Alison Steadman, Sue Perkins, Jennifer Saunders and Stevie Wonder.

As part of Lynda’s visit we were interviewed by a lovely lady from a news agency who had picked up the story of the boob tea cosy from a retweet by Lorraine Kelly and wanted to write up a feature on it. Sharing how our stories combined, how #TeamPositive and knitting boobs became one, was comical and really helped me reflect on the power of kindness, thoughtfulness and social media.

Social media can really be a force for good, used well it connects, informs and broadens. The fact that Lynda and her knitting needles and #TeamPositive might become more widely known is exciting and we hope will make a few more pounds for research into cancer.

One of the other ways that I’ve spent my time today is by rereading all of my past blog posts. I had a lovely message from a super lady who I don’t know that well but I like what I know. She told me that she’d ‘lost herself’ in my blog posts for over an hour and I’m so touched by her comments. That prompted me to look back through and to be honest I don’t recognise myself almost in some of them and the situations that I’ve described in them feel like they happened years ago. I read about my core biopsy and how physically painful that was, telling people about my diagnosis and even my uber stylish compression stockings as I popped into the operating theatre and it’s made me feel both proud and slighted stunned at what we’ve already been through and how we’ve managed all of that, I hope in a positive way as possible. I’ve no doubt that the therapeutic effect of writing has been an advantageous thing for me and reading the comments and feedback I sense that it’s been a good thing for others too.

I’m currently thinking about inviting some of you to write a guest blog post for me – any takers?

Alternatively do share who your 7 fantasy stitch and bitch companions would be by commenting below. I’m fascinated to find out……………….

6 thoughts on “Anyone for stitch and bitch? Thanks @reallorraine

  1. Lee Mack, Graham Norton, Bradley Walsh, David Walliams, Sarah Millican, John Bishop…….and Paula Lender-Swain ……….I’m laughing altready 😂😂😂


  2. With Stevie you would need a good supply of plasters #goStevie but i would include him plus mum, Pops, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Otis Redding & one of the ‘unknown’ soldiers from WW1.


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