Run Lisa, run!

LisaOn Sunday a friend of mine, the lovely Lisa did something no sensible human should do in my opinion. She went out in the rain. I hate the rain, it’s the one weather system that absolutely makes me feel less than positive and this only increases if I get my hair wet. In my view getting wet hair, then faffing about in damp conditions for the rest of the day only to end up with a flat mop of matted hair is not my idea of a good Sunday. So I am especially grateful to Lisa that not only did she sign up for the Race for Life for Cancer Research UK, but that she flew the #TeamPositive flag and ran in the rain completing the 5km course in 37 minutes without stopping.

Lisa aimed to raise Β£150 for Cancer Research UK but smashed that and is currently creeping over the Β£300 mark. You can still donate to her here if you feel so inclined

Alongside being a lovely person, Lisa is also my hairdresser and is an award winning one at that. I wrote about her on my parenting blog back in February. Follow the link and you can read how she supported a gorgeous young lady called Ellie-maie who having grown her hair long decided to have it cut and donate it to Little Princess Trust a charity which provides real hair wigs for children suffering from hair loss. Ellie-maie also raised money for Cancer Research and her local hospice.

So hair is a bit of a theme currently and I guess it’s no surprise as whilst we float about in ‘am I or am I not having chemo’ land its people’s focus on potential hair loss that comes to mind.

2 silly/funny/odd things happened within a couple of days this week. On Sunday as we enjoyed a delicious brunch with friends my pal said to me ‘Oh I do like your hair like that, it suits you’ and my response was (absolutely tongue in cheek) ‘Thanks I’m growing it currently’. I wanted it to be funny, to wake up the elephant in the room I guess, to explore people’s reactions to potential hair loss but it fell flat and the intended joke missed its target.

I’m not sure whether joking is the right approach. Perhaps making light of something that is so personal, so inherently connected with our visual personality touches a nerve that’s too raw for most of us. I need to turn the tables on that one and think about how I would have responded to hearing that if the roles were reversed…………………..Mmmmm I’m not sure. I’ll pop that in the ‘needs more thought’ box.

Then on Monday as the window cleaner was removing what the local birdies donated to us from our glass a thought struck me. He’s always chatty and has a few kind words to say to everyone and a thought went through my mind ‘When he asks how I am should I tell him. What if he arrives in a few weeks’ time and I have to answer the door, balding or bald. Is that fair or do people deserve advance warning and if so who?’ All completely ridiculous stuff.

Of course I didn’t say anything, but having the conscious thought made me think about it further. Who am I preparing? Them or me? And does anyone need preparing and is that my job anyway? Is it even an issue? Are you making it into one?

Of course, none of this may be necessary at all and that’s what we’re trying to focus on but every now and then a little doubt gremlin sneaks in.

In truth, my regular visits to Lisa have currently been on pause button. Initially because my appointment coincided with immediate post-surgery but then as the word chemo has been flung about it seems foolish to have my hair cut and then potentially wash it all down the plughole. BUT with a full #TeamPositive self-talk in motion I’ve decided on two options:

  1. Make an apppink hatointment for next Tuesday 9th June, after Oncologists appointment where she will tell me that Radiotherapy is the way to go and chemo won’t be a beneficial preventative intervention in my context
  2. Ask Lynda to start making some of these (but in Turquoise)



4 thoughts on “Run Lisa, run!

  1. I always thought hair was over rated myself, just think of the extra time you get when preparing to go out…….worth at least 15 minutes in bed extra in the morning.#team positive πŸ‘΄πŸ‘΄πŸΌπŸ‘΄πŸ½πŸ‘΄πŸΎπŸ‘΄πŸΏπŸ‘΄πŸ»


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