#15 Random facts about me, just in case you’re interested

Fellow blogger Jenny Bender writes superb posts on her blog and recently she responded to another Blogette’s suggestion and created a list of 15 Random Facts (Click) about her to share with the suggestion that others also connect in this way and I thought well okey doke, I shall. Then of course I was deeply […]

Want to meet my non-identical alter ego twin Tracy Tamoxifen?

The list of some of the side effects for Tamoxifen read thus: Hot flushes and sweats Feeling sick and indigestion Eye problems Headaches Feeling dizzy Leg cramps Tiredness and lack of energy Skin rashes Hair thinning Weight gain Loss of sex drive Change in periods + Vaginal effects (!) Changes in mood and concentration Blood […]

When you Look Good do you Feel Better?

‘Ok ladies let’s apply the colour corrector, I can see some redness in the room’ Yep, hands up, that’s me she’s talking about as I’m trying to sit calmly in a room full of other ladies with masses of gorgeous products and make up in front of us attempting to work through the 12 point […]

Do you need adjuvant blogtherapy for breast cancer?

‘Adjuvant?’ I hear you say. Eh? In this context it is the additional treatments that follow after surgery such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone and targeted therapies. “Adjuvant therapy: Treatment that is given in addition to the primary (initial) treatment. Adjuvant treatment is an addition designed to help reach the ultimate goal. Adjuvant therapy for cancer […]

Let’s have a quickie! ………….(blog post I mean)

So the first piece of news today is that I am not pregnant. I wasn’t expecting to be. Steve definitely wasn’t expecting me to be and Ben is jolly thankful I’m not. How do I know for sure? Well at the grand old age of 53 and a half (ALWAYS remember the half) I had […]

Move over Lewis, I’m taking pole position on the starting grid…….

And I’m on it. The next waiting list. Hopefully the final waiting list. I feel I’ve turned into a professional waiter, not through choice but circumstance. Yesterday eventually came round and I saw my Oncologist again, for her to make the same recommendations again but this time I should, all going well and with no […]

Perfection from a stranger and a friend

The Oxford English Dictionary defines fate as ‘ (n) The development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power’ and in its verb form ‘Be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way’. This weekend fate took its natural course and produced something classic. Some of you […]

Hot Girls Pearls #need

So the English summer has arrived. Cue sleepless nights, people moaning about the heat, saying that we’re just not prepared for it, BBQ’s emerging rusty and filthy from the shed, some startling sights in terms of outfits that are only worn in the summer but shouldn’t really be worn at all, shops selling out of […]