Anyone for stitch and bitch? Thanks @reallorraine

I loved this quote when I saw it today, it just seemed so apt probably to us all. I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with friends old and new recently and it’s been so good. I know I have the promise of more good times as next week I also have some further catch […]

Mwah, mwah, mwah

Apologies for the radio silence over the past few days but #TeamPositive have been on tour. We’ve been in France initially and then Belgium celebrating the confirmation of one of the smallest members of our family and catching up with everyone in general. Of course, this being Belgium it involves chocolate and cake and fresh […]

Don’t cha wish your teapot was hot like me?

So I wasn’t planning to blog today as it was a #blogfree day as opposed to a #blogfest day, but………………then the post arrived. My friend Lynda has been cryptically sending me Twitter messages and text messages for a couple of weeks now intimating that she was ‘creating’ something for me. She loves to knit and […]

Steve, suggestions and strawberry teas

‘Should we buy a hair colour, you’re looking a bit two-tone’ These were the words that floated to my ears as Steve and I were wandering through the shops yesterday. I virtually stopped in my tracks and looked at my husband of 32 years to a) check it was him that had said it b) […]

Pick a Card, Any Card

Originally posted on My OBT:
© It’s hard to know how to behave around people with cancer. Do they want sympathy? Are they comfortable with jokes? Do they want you to pretend it’s not happening? Should you just leave them alone? There’s no easy answer, but cancer survivor Emily McDowell is here to help. At 24, McDowell…

Chemo or not to chemo; that is the question

And so the lecture my focus today is perspective, or to put it basically, get a flippin grip! *lecture commences* If I hear one more person describe their day as bad, awful or nightmarish I will scream. You’ve been warned. It’s not that my days are worse than yours, it’s just that wherever you look […]