Mwah, mwah, mwah

kissing minionsApologies for the radio silence over the past few days but #TeamPositive have been on tour. We’ve been in France initially and then Belgium celebrating the confirmation of one of the smallest members of our family and catching up with everyone in general. Of course, this being Belgium it involves chocolate and cake and fresh bread and beer.

And it involves kissing everyone you meet three times. That’s a lot of kissing. It takes ages to arrive and say hello and even longer to leave; you virtually have to add on time to your departing arrangements. It reminds me so much of the delightful clip from the Despicable Me film where the Minions request goodnight kisses from Gru- and if you’ve no idea what I’m talking about then watch it if you appreciate the sheer genius of children’s films that have adult appeal. I’ve linked to the clip at the end of this post, so you can look forward to that right now.

#TeamPositive was featured in many formats over the weekend; photos of car stickers travelling through the Channel Tunnel from other IMG-20150525-WA0002family members, references in speeches, used in greetings and departing wishes and various Facebook posts. Ben travelled on to Nürburg in Germany to realise his dream of driving around the Nürburgring, the 20 kilometre race track and as tradition would have it, once you’ve successfully completed a lap you get to sign a crashed car part. Here are his comments:IMG-20150525-WA0004

Being away from home amongst family helps you gain perspective about what matters. I know that like many people I’m happy in company and on my own. My own company (which is of course, sparkling) doesn’t bother me and in fact I know that when I’ve been around lots of people and activity for a long time, I actively seek it out. Steve and I are both like that.

We used this time well as we realised that several art installations had been located around the area where we were staying and one in particular peeked our interest. It’s called ‘Reading between the Lines’ and locally its known as ‘The Invisible Church’. It’s a construction made from layers of steel with gaps to let the light in and was part of a project in the area to place art in the landscape. It was a challenge to actually find and get to but so worth it, especially as we visited at dusk and the light was perfect for some amateur photography and contemplation. Although not a church and we’re not overtly religious I did send a couple of words out to anyone that was listening.

“Thanks to this special construction, the landscape is always visible through the church, at a distance and close up. This means the church is always present, but also absent in the landscape.”

20150524_205441This link will take you to a 1.5 minute time lapse film of the ‘church’ being constructed. Time Lapse ‘The Invisible Church’ Borgloon Belgium

Coming home, more cards awaited us with kind messages of moving forward in a #TeamPositive way. Greetings from Kentucky, Oklahoma and Hertfordshire were all in the mix and it’s so sustaining to keep receiving them. Thank you.

We drove about 1000 miles over the weekend and with Ben’s driving adventures and travels alongside us we’ve all covered a lot of ground. For me, I feel like we’re shifting into neutral currently. Not quite in first gear and able to move forward, whilst not in reverse either. I know I’m not good at waiting and 8th June can’t really come fast enough to find out which route to take and get started.

Editors note: <insert whinge warning>

There’s a lot of waiting around with this cancer lark and I feel that my/our life is on hold. Arghhhhhhh.

Editors note: <whinge ends>

Some good and happy news to end on. A reporter from Edinburgh has been in touch with Lynne, she of the boob shaped knitting ability, and we are to be featured in a forthcoming article regarding #TeamPositive and how it came about and it’s evolving force. Isn’t that fab?

My goodness this is a busy post. Need some restorative chocolate now. Tatty bye.

2 thoughts on “Mwah, mwah, mwah

  1. Hi Rosemary,
    I met with Anne and Gaynor today. Having been brought up to speed, Anne gave me the link to your blog so… here I am, ready to join #TeamPositive 🙂

    I have been a member of a Positive Team before. In 1999 my mum (in her 50s) had a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy, chemotherapy and Tamoxifen.
    Today she has more energy than I do!

    Take care, sending you lots of love and positive thoughts.
    Sharon x


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