Guest post: A son’s perspective ‘Cancer has changed you’

As we approach a milestone with Mum’s treatment (as I’m writing there are just two further radiotherapy treatments remaining) I can’t help but feel torn; on one hand the end of the radiotherapy signifies the end of a trying and emotional year, on the other there is the realisation that it is not a final […]

Half Way Day and a view towards the end of Radiotherapy

This is a photo I took yesterday of one of the rooms in the Maggie’s Centre within the grounds of the Churchill Hospital in Oxford. Isn’t it a beautiful space? I love the fact that one of their principles is that they encourage you to ‘come and talk about you as a person rather than […]

The dating game aka how things are going with Varian6?

I wasn’t sure what image to select to use for this post and thought that I’d have a browse through some recent pictures to see if anything triggered some inspiration. I didn’t have to go very far before I saw this one and knew that it fitted perfectly. The reason is because it’s actually a […]

Meet my date Varian6

So Radiotherapy is going ok and I’m now 25% through. 5 sessions done, 15 more to go. I’m beginning to look like 25% of my cooking time is also up as a gradual redness is developing and some soreness of the general area and tender to the touch. That’s all pretty typical and so whilst […]

A loving shoutout to #TeamPositive and a 20 day challenge

Apologies for the radio silence these past few days but here at #TeamPositive Headquarters we’ve been enjoying the great British Summer (that 30 minutes on Sunday afternoon) and revving up for the weeks ahead. Radiotherapy starts for real on Thursday and will continue for the next 20 weekdays ending at the beginning of September when […]