Cha cha cha, Breast Cancer Now and a little bit of coaching thrown in for free (Fling it in Friday)

I love this ‘Optimist; someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s more like a cha-cha’ and I’ve made my mind up to adopt this mindset, always. The news that in the UK Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer have merged to form Breast Cancer […]

Really? You’re serious?! @*&$

After a series of administrative cock ups and general organisational malaise I now have an appointment with my Consultant Oncologist on 13th July. Yes, July. That appointment will enable me to be referred to Radiotherapy. Estimated wait time from that point……..5 weeks which might take us to mid-August before the treatment eventually begins. 15 weeks, […]

Stop Press: Look on @deadlinenews for good news about breast cancer

Okay, so a fun weekend has just passed. Saturday in particular was a good day. As I woke up a text message caught my eye and it read ‘Look on deadline news. I look like a mad woman!! xxx’. Yes it was somewhat true, I did indeed look at the website link (nattily shared here) […]

It’s time to get a tattoo and a haircut…….

It’s all good news here. The Oncotype DX test has shown that in my case Chemotherapy will not be effective in preventing a reoccurrence or to put it in medical blurb my personal risk stratification profile is low or as Dr De Silva put it last night ‘Congratulations you’ve passed!’ So we’re delighted that route […]

“Get a grip Rosemary” says Elton John

I guess that we all have a hidden Diva inside of us somewhere and it’s triggered by different things. Cars cutting the corners around my neighbourhood, slow supermarket checkouts, wet hair and narcissist selfie stick wavers. Each to their own. Today, the Gloucester Echo reported that “Elton John lets rip at Kingsholm Stadium” Now before […]