For #TeamPositive read ‘Altered Concentration’

I’m clear that I’m piecing myself back together and I’ve realised that the jigsaw is a different to the one I was so familiar with before. There are some new pieces, some missing and the picture that I’m trying to complete keeps changing. I’m also clear that this is also true for others and their […]

Reflections on holiday essentials and Breast Cancer Awareness Month UK

As we reach the hump of the month and in particular Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the UK I thought it was time to touch base. Hello again. Just because I haven’t written much here doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing much. I’ve even managed a holiday in the sun. Well I say in the […]

Alright Kate, one of us has got to make a move. I’ll go into hospital first if I must

If I arrive at the hospital tomorrow morning and there are no paparazzi camping outside I’m going to be miffed. I understand that they may be outside the Portland Hospital for another key hospital admittance around now, but Jeez. Share the love! Just a quick post folks as you’ll appreciate that today’s been busy arranging […]