Guest post: Keeping Mum when cancer comes to visit your family

Was Peter really as pleased with this crying baby as he looks? In January 1962 I gave birth to a much wanted daughter Rosemary, a sister for Peter who was then 3 years old. He was a really good baby, very easy to bring up, what could change with a second one? On that January […]

Just call me a ‘Rad Grad’ or ‘Completely Baked’

It’s done, it’s done, it’s done. My 20 sessions of Radiotherapy are complete and tomorrow we don’t have to take a 3 hour chunk out of our day to drive to Oxford to the Churchill Hospital. That will be a genuinely lovely feeling. It’s a very strange feeling also as you complete an active phase […]

Meet my date Varian6

So Radiotherapy is going ok and I’m now 25% through. 5 sessions done, 15 more to go. I’m beginning to look like 25% of my cooking time is also up as a gradual redness is developing and some soreness of the general area and tender to the touch. That’s all pretty typical and so whilst […]

Let’s have a quickie! ………….(blog post I mean)

So the first piece of news today is that I am not pregnant. I wasn’t expecting to be. Steve definitely wasn’t expecting me to be and Ben is jolly thankful I’m not. How do I know for sure? Well at the grand old age of 53 and a half (ALWAYS remember the half) I had […]