Guest post: Keeping Mum when cancer comes to visit your family

As a tribute to my Mum who sadly passed away three weeks ago, it seems timely to reblog this guest post that she wrote. It’s great to read at the end of the post that she felt it was a privilege to call Steve her son-in-law and he did her proud by masterfully doing the […]

Just call me a ‘Rad Grad’ or ‘Completely Baked’

It’s done, it’s done, it’s done. My 20 sessions of Radiotherapy are complete and tomorrow we don’t have to take a 3 hour chunk out of our day to drive to Oxford to the Churchill Hospital. That will be a genuinely lovely feeling. It’s a very strange feeling also as you complete an active phase […]

Meet my date Varian6

So Radiotherapy is going ok and I’m now 25% through. 5 sessions done, 15 more to go. I’m beginning to look like 25% of my cooking time is also up as a gradual redness is developing and some soreness of the general area and tender to the touch. That’s all pretty typical and so whilst […]

Let’s have a quickie! ………….(blog post I mean)

So the first piece of news today is that I am not pregnant. I wasn’t expecting to be. Steve definitely wasn’t expecting me to be and Ben is jolly thankful I’m not. How do I know for sure? Well at the grand old age of 53 and a half (ALWAYS remember the half) I had […]