An Open Letter to those going through Chemotherapy

Dear Chemotherapy patients, I’ve made notes about this letter and started it many times but struggled to find the right words to say. I guess it’s because what I really feel I should be starting with is an admission of guilt; that I feel quite fraudulent in your company. There I’ve said it. I feel […]

It’s time to get a tattoo and a haircut…….

It’s all good news here. The Oncotype DX test has shown that in my case Chemotherapy will not be effective in preventing a reoccurrence or to put it in medical blurb my personal risk stratification profile is low or as Dr De Silva put it last night ‘Congratulations you’ve passed!’ So we’re delighted that route […]

“Get a grip Rosemary” says Elton John

I guess that we all have a hidden Diva inside of us somewhere and it’s triggered by different things. Cars cutting the corners around my neighbourhood, slow supermarket checkouts, wet hair and narcissist selfie stick wavers. Each to their own. Today, the Gloucester Echo reported that “Elton John lets rip at Kingsholm Stadium” Now before […]

Chemo or not to chemo; that is the question

And so the lecture my focus today is perspective, or to put it basically, get a flippin grip! *lecture commences* If I hear one more person describe their day as bad, awful or nightmarish I will scream. You’ve been warned. It’s not that my days are worse than yours, it’s just that wherever you look […]