Reflections on holiday essentials and Breast Cancer Awareness Month UK

As we reach the hump of the month and in particular Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the UK I thought it was time to touch base. Hello again. Just because I haven’t written much here doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing much. I’ve even managed a holiday in the sun. Well I say in the […]

Do you need adjuvant blogtherapy for breast cancer?

‘Adjuvant?’ I hear you say. Eh? In this context it is the additional treatments that follow after surgery such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone and targeted therapies. “Adjuvant therapy: Treatment that is given in addition to the primary (initial) treatment. Adjuvant treatment is an addition designed to help reach the ultimate goal. Adjuvant therapy for cancer […]

Steve, suggestions and strawberry teas

‘Should we buy a hair colour, you’re looking a bit two-tone’ These were the words that floated to my ears as Steve and I were wandering through the shops yesterday. I virtually stopped in my tracks and looked at my husband of 32 years to a) check it was him that had said it b) […]