#15 Random facts about me, just in case you’re interested

roller skatesFellow blogger Jenny Bender writes superb posts on her blog and recently she responded to another Blogette’s suggestion and created a list of 15 Random Facts (Click) about her to share with the suggestion that others also connect in this way and I thought well okey doke, I shall.

Then of course I was deeply plunged into thinking ‘Well are there actually 15 that I could muster up?’ and once you get mulling this over you find that you actually have to trim back rather than invent. So without further ado, here goes

Random Fact #1

I absolutely hate going down hills in any type of transport, but especially something fast like cars or roller skates. Ever since I was a child I’ve hated the sensation of being out of control in a location that seems to be built to increase speed. I can remember hurtling down a friends virtually vertical drive on roller skates (blades were not invented then) and experiencing the panic of knowing that nothing I was wearing had any ability to slow me down and that the road was looming up fast. If I’m a passenger in a car for example I put on my own brakes even if I have some or not and it’s made much much worse for me if we are too close (in my view) to the vehicle in front.

By the way I love this picture, it’s not me but it just as well could have been since my Mum insisted on scraping my hair over to the side and inserting a large bow in it. At the end of that day when I was allowed to take it out it hurt like hell as my hair tried to scuttle back to its rightful place.

lemon curd

Random Fact #2

I love lemon everything; cleaning products, air fresheners and diffusers, lemon curd, lemon deserts, the word citrusy, the look, texture and aroma of lemons, lemon shampoo and other beauty products that feature lemons, cloudy lemonade, gin and tonic with lots of lemon. Everything lemon.

middle namesRandom Fact #3

Christened simply Rosemary, my early years were barren in terms of proudly announcing a middle name when all the other children in my class at school were asked for their full name. The idea of a full name i.e. having your own name enhanced with another to compliment it, seemed dreamy and I was sadly lacking. I suspect many words were aimed at my parents conscience due to this oversight and somewhere around my 11th birthday I was given the gift of adding a middle name legally. Clearly I’d given this a great deal of thought as I came up with the incredibly inventive………………..Anne. Yes folks, that’s as wild as it got. Jeez.


Random Fact #4

I can’t bear to eat toast whilst its hot and I certainly can’t put butter on it whilst it’s anywhere near able to melt it. I don’t think that I’ve always felt like this about toast and I suspect that it comes from feeling very nauseous when I was in the early days of pregnancy with Ben and any oily substance turned my stomach. I still don’t like a lot of butter or oil on things particularly when they are hot and it all soaks in and goes limp. Urghh.


Random Fact #5

I had an Ectopic pregnancy a few years after I had Ben which ruptured and I lost one of my fallopian tubes plus the pregnancy. Being rushed into hospital and having an emergency operation has left me with an anxiety about anaesthesia simply because I was aware of it being administered. Note the advice on the image- shoulder pain. Seems unlikely but it’s actually an indication that there is internal bleeding and the situation is becoming dangerous.

Random Fact #6

I have a real thing about Robots. They scare the crap out of me. For the same reason I have an aversion to mime artists too. Anything that has the potential to be still and then move in a human-like way freaks me out. I feel that they could come to life and be out of control in an instant. Having said that weirdly I’ve loved the recent series on Channel 4 about Synthetics- Humans.

completerRandom Fact #7

I am in the words of Meredith Belbin a Completer Finisher. I’ll meet a deadline and I won’t ask you for an extension on that. If I’ve committed to it, it’ll get done. My homework was never in late. Permissible weaknesses of this ‘role’? – irritated by others who don’t deliver when asked or promised, those who constantly renegotiate agreed end dates, move goal posts and simply fade away once the initial activity has blown over. I guess this makes me sound quite inflexible, which I’d hate to think was evident!

sliced cake

Random Fact #8

I can’t bake a sponge to save my life. I am happy cooking and baking and find all that chopping and creating relaxing so cooking has never seemed a chore to me but ask me to bake a sponge and I’m lost. Whatever recipe I try it looks wonderful peering through the glass oven door and then on entry to the atmosphere all hope and rise is lost. Why on earth recipes tell you to cut the cake in half I’ve no idea.

Disclosure: Please note that this post is not sponsored by Sponge, the most wonderful bakery by post in the world. I really wish it flippin was. If you love sponges of all flavours and occasions you can do no better than to look here They send out to order, on time every time and the taste is sublime. I’ve used them a lot to send to people as gifts and thank you’s (hint hint- Bakewell Tart flavour please- sorry Mum x). Most recently, we sent a Sharing Sponge to the Funeral Directors who handled my Father in Law’s service in May and it tickled me to death (!) when they rang us to say thank you and that they thought they’d died and gone to heaven when they opened it. Oh the irony.



Random Fact #9

When planning and then writing a blog post I start with the image. I select carefully knowing that imagery is powerful and it helps me to share subtle and not so subtle messages regarding the content.


Random Fact #10

I can’t stand headbands on babies and I don’t imagine that babies like them much either. There I’ve said it. Call me old fashioned.


Random Fact #11

I really struggle to work, type or concentrate with background noise such as the radio on at the same time. I often think that it’d be nice to listen to the radio when I’m working but it slows me down as I can feel myself getting drawn into the discussions or a play or whatever is on. Being a freelancer can be a lonely existence and sometimes the background chatter and presence of people, albeit virtual is company of sorts, but it affects my ability to focus. I do however love radio.


Random Fact #12

I’ve volunteered for a lot of my adult years with groups, charities, our local hospice and so on. I currently am a Silver Line volunteer and I make a befriending call every week to an elderly lady and we chat about anything and everything. When my breast cancer was diagnosed I agreed with Silver Line that we’d let my Silver Line Friend decide whether she wanted to continue our calls as there may be times when I’d have to cancel or rearrange and we’d completely understand if she didn’t. She did and she’s been on #TeamPositive ever since.


Steve and I also volunteer to help raise funds and support for the people of the village of Gunjur in The Gambia. Volunteering has taught me that there is always something you can do for someone else.

Random Fact #13

My dream job would be as a backing singer for Stevie Wonder. I don’t want to usurp his position as the main man, but compliment it. I’ve loved his song writing and music since I was a teenager and weird as it sounds, whenever I need it and often when I need it most, I hear one of his songs and it brings me great comfort and hope for the future. If I was stranded on a desert island with only 1 song it would be one of his, on repeat. If you need energy and love just watch or listen to him singing ‘Don’t you worry ’bout a thing’. Imagine me humming in the background. I’ve been lucky enough to see him live 3 times. I have the t-shirt and fabulous uplifting memories.

Fingers in ears not listening

Random Fact #14

I genuinely worry that the modern ways of communicating are creating generations of children, young adults and those who should know better to only focus on the screen in front of them. They are losing or not even developing in the first place the skills of face to face communication and feel that whilst they are electronically able to communicate, genuine and authentic human interaction is being dumbed down. Getting your phone out in the middle of a conversation is not ok in my book, unless it’s an emergency or a blog post alert; that’s perfectly acceptable.

blood orange

Random Fact #15

I am allergic to blood oranges. Obviously that makes life quite a struggle but I manage.

Let me know #1 Random Fact about you by leaving me a message in the comments box. Go on, I dare you…………








9 thoughts on “#15 Random facts about me, just in case you’re interested

  1. I don’t think I’m that much of a control freak (no laughing) but I have to resist the temptation to match pegs when I’m hanging the washing out – how sad is that?!!


  2. Random fact. I am allergic to Trimethoprim. After I stopped taking it I got an all over itchy rash, which was a drug reaction. Very itchy!


  3. I seem to come to things late – hence responding now and not however many weeks ago this was originally posted……….random fact – I also suffered from the ‘one name only’ curse at school – for some reason, (never satisfactorily explained) my parents bestowed a single Christian name on me and my sister, (Clare). But two each for my brothers…………#very random!!! 😉


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