Want to meet my non-identical alter ego twin Tracy Tamoxifen?

Tracy Tamoxifen in Action
Tracy Tamoxifen in Action

The list of some of the side effects for Tamoxifen read thus:

  • Hot flushes and sweats
  • Feeling sick and indigestion
  • Eye problems
  • Headaches
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Leg cramps
  • Tiredness and lack of energy
  • Skin rashes
  • Hair thinning
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Change in periods + Vaginal effects (!)
  • Changes in mood and concentration
  • Blood clots (thrombosis)
  • Tumour flare
  • Increased risk of womb cancer
  • Liver changes
  • Bone thinning

And my absolute favourite:

  • Voice changes – Some people taking tamoxifen have reported that it affects their singing voice. If this is a concern for you, talk to your cancer doctor

Excuse me whilst I quickly call my Oncologist……………….

Ok I’m back tra la la la (all fine)

So although it’s only been 3 days I’ve been watching out for any side effects so that I can be sure to knock them on the head straight away. Of course like most medication the effects will display themselves in response to their cumulative affect so I know that it’s early days. And naturally, they’ll come along when you least want them too.

Reading through a couple of forums I see that tiredness and changes in mood are highly reported so Steve has volunteered to help out on ‘Tracy Tamoxifen Watch’ also known as #Grumps and I will monitor myself too though I suspect our criteria may differ from time to time <read mostly>

RoseTracy (no E please) is likely to have little or no tolerance for stupidity and the such like but this morning in the Supermarket it was me and not Tracy who experienced some of the above side effects and they weren’t brought on by the Tamoxifen either.

Those of you who know me well will know that I find any type of discrimination abhorrent. It actually physically pains me to hear it and see it and I’m not being over dramatic here, I really can’t bear the way that people treat and talk about each other in such judgemental and ill-informed ways. I know that this can make knowing and being with me a pain. Get over it.

If you’re not brave enough to say something to someone’s face, then don’t ever say it. And if you’re uncaring and idiotic enough to say discriminatory things to people; stop. Grow up, search for some integrity and become a functioning member of the human race.

I know that I rant about these things and nag my friends and family but so what? Staying silent is really being complicit and if no one stands up for those who are being discriminated against then who will? That’s not the sort of world I want to live in thanks. I realise that working with children and families brings this to a head often as we need to ensure that children in particular do not grow up with such limited views of the world.

I find myself so irritated by people making stereotypical generalisations about groups of people when they’ve never met anyone of that race, sexuality, faith or culture but deem to know for example that they are untrustworthy, miserable, shifty and so on. It’s like saying that you don’t trust Americans because they don’t pronounce the word herbs correctly…………………..oh hold on, that’s true. H, herbs, not Erbs. What’s that all about?

herbsAnyway back to the Supermarket, unfortunately the same brand that I once had to raise a query in regarding the offer of ‘World Cup Football stickers for me if I had any boys at home?’………………….don’t get me started. Customer services assured me that they would ‘look into it’. Hmmm.

This morning as I was wandering up and down the aisles popping things in my trolley I became aware that I was stood in the middle of two members of staff having a chat as they worked. They were talking quite loudly so everyone around them could hear quite clearly. One of them then shared a piece of information about another member of the team and when the other person queried who he was talking about he clarified by saying ‘ You know the fat one, the lesbian’ and I hit the roof and asked the speaker if on any level he felt that that was an appropriate thing to say about anyone and did he realise how rude and discriminatory he was being. To say he looked shocked is an understatement. He had the grace to apologise and go a deep shade of red (hot flush?) but he could see that I was fuming. In fact I don’t think I’ve been that angry in a long time.

In an attempt to make the situation better he apologised once more and backed away as I repeated my disgust at his thinking and statement. Customer services were none too pleased either and I hope that they deal with it appropriately.

On the way home I thought about the incident and why it had made me so cross and fleetingly I wondered if the medication is making me more aggressive assertive bossy (as my friends and family might comment- were they brave enough) but I know and hope that it’s not. I’m confident that I’d do something about discrimination any day, not just on a Tracy day.

Happy non-discriminatory weekend all,





4 thoughts on “Want to meet my non-identical alter ego twin Tracy Tamoxifen?

  1. Call me on a Tracy day………we can rant together!!
    I have 95% of the symptoms without Tamoxifen…,,..Terry can vouch for that!!!
    #TeamPositive………it’s only a list of “possible” symptoms and you Rosemary are going to kick their arse xxxxx

    PS: tell Steve we have Vodka on a Tracy day ♡


  2. I love that video. My patients will love that…I support breast cancer patients on Tamoxifen and send them links. I hope that you find a way – Tamoxifen is a tough road for many. I wish you a positive recovery.


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