Really? You’re serious?! @*&$

seriouslyAfter a series of administrative cock ups and general organisational malaise I now have an appointment with my Consultant Oncologist on 13th July. Yes, July. That appointment will enable me to be referred to Radiotherapy. Estimated wait time from that point……..5 weeks which might take us to mid-August before the treatment eventually begins. 15 weeks, nearly 4 months post-surgery.

I have no words. No flippin comment about that.

I know I should be hugely grateful that I’m not urgent in the sense of a tumour that is still growing, however Radiotherapy is given to eradicate any cancer cells still in situ and to ensure that the area is clear. I had a ‘narrow margin’ which means that one side of my tumour was very near to my skin and therefore during my operation the surgeon was unable to remove as much tissue as they’d ideally like to be sure that every last cancerous cell was removed; if the tumour was deeper in the breast they would have more surrounding tissue to remove to get a wider clear margin. Hence my feeling that the sooner the better. I want any rouge cells evicted asap.

And I want to move into a space that’s our new normal.

At this rate our planned, booked and paid for holiday in September is now under threat as I need to be at least 4 weeks post treatment to get travel insurance and I will need to be uber careful about exposure to the sun.

So, really? You’re serious?! @*&$

 <hacked off mood ends and Rosemary inserts positive vision statement and associated image into blog to end on a more upbeat note>

<Error. Rosemary has left the building>


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