Stop Press: Look on @deadlinenews for good news about breast cancer

Tit knitter
A Tit Knitter

Okay, so a fun weekend has just passed. Saturday in particular was a good day. As I woke up a text message caught my eye and it read ‘Look on deadline news. I look like a mad woman!! xxx’.

Yes it was somewhat true, I did indeed look at the website link (nattily shared here) to see a picture of Lynda, she of the ‘needles of fire’ fame. This is Lynda everyone, the lovely person who designed and knitted my boob tea cosy for me and is currently knitting like fury and selling them to raise money for breast cancer research. What a bosom buddy.

We were interviewed for the article a couple of weeks ago and the line that totally cracks us up is as follows……….

“Lynda Williams, 55, decided to knit the tit and send it to one of her best friends to ‘put a smile on her face’.”

Knit the tit. How bloody funny is that?!

I’m delighted that it mentions the fact that ‘the cosy comes with a ‘#TeamPositive’ label – a motto which Rosemary’s brother came up with to help her stay confident about her situation’ because it reminds me of the conversations that I had at the beginning of all of this and how #TeamPositive grew and took on a life of its own.

I realise now that something like #TeamPositive is a useful hook, motto, saying, opener and closer that people can use when they talk or write to me. I wonder if in fact those being treated for illnesses like cancer do need to try to step aside from their own context if they can and think for a moment, that’s all just a moment, about how to help people manage their news both in the initial stages and as treatment continues and is ongoing. For me I’ve found that there are some people who can’t say the word cancer, but they can say #TeamPositive and I think that’s great.

Walking on eggshells, the elephant in the room and hot potatoes, all of them metaphor’s for something that’s known by everyone but not everyone wants or can talk about or acknowledge it. People become super uber sensitive, including the one’s being treated for it and believe me we ……………………

  • Want you to talk about
  • Don’t want just to talk about it
  • Get irritated when you keep talking about it
  • Are offended when you don’t mention it
  • Want to talk about it all the time
  • Don’t want to be defined by it
  • Can’t believe you haven’t rung/sent even a little card/posted some Maltesers
  • Are humbled by people’s generosity and feel fraudulent in receiving it
  • Simply don’t know either

All of the above in no particular order.

When thinking about the elephant in the room Wikipedia captures it perfectly ‘this idiomatic phrase is applicable when a subject is emotionally charged; and the people who might have spoken up decide that it is probably best avoided‘ I suspect we can all identify with that.

Saturday progressed with a trip to an event locally in a Tithe Barn, called Live at the Tithe. A mix of cider drinking, country events and storytelling. Steve somehow found himself wearing donkey’s ears and tail and acting out a part in a story but I’m sadly legally forbidden* to publish the photographic evidence.

The evening events took place in the Tithe Barn and was a musical celebration of good folksy stuff. Not the bells on your ankles kind, but the husky melodic voices and real music that is often missing from the homogenous tripe we get fed on today. The headline was a guy called Martyn Joseph and he was excellent. A singer songwriter with a superb voice and ethics to match.

One song caught me unawares and a few (just a few I promise you) silent tears gently dribbled down my face. Thankfully it was dark and no one but Steve saw and recovery was swift. I’m not sure if it was the lyrics, the tune, the atmosphere, everything, but it was lovely and I share it with you for your listening pleasure.

No update on Radiotherapy yet. Sure that’ll be sorted before too long <she persuades herself>

*by him……….


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