It’s time to get a tattoo and a haircut…….

20150609_075314It’s all good news here.

The Oncotype DX test has shown that in my case Chemotherapy will not be effective in preventing a reoccurrence or to put it in medical blurb my personal risk stratification profile is low or as Dr De Silva put it last night ‘Congratulations you’ve passed!’

So we’re delighted that route has become a no go area for us. However, I am still thinking about those for whom that news has been different and my heart goes out to friends who are currently working their way or supporting their children through that particular treatment route.

The image I’ve chosen for this post is of a small plaque that’s on a bench near to my home and the wording is perfect for the outcome of the test ‘Take a load off’. We surely have and are grateful and relieved, perhaps more than we’d realised. I’m sorry I don’t have the first clue who Stan and Bet Leitch are, but bless them and thanks for the bench.

So now I’m going to get a tattoo.

In fact I’m going to get three.

Yes you’ve read that correctly. I shall be joining the previously un-entered realm of tats, as I believe they are referred to.

In my case my tats will be guiders for the radiotherapy I need and the first stage will be for me to head to the radiotherapy centre for an assessment, a CT scan, body moulding (!) and getting the tattoos done. Not sure which of these I’m more concerned about………………….watch this space. The individual tattoos themselves will only be small dots that help the machines line up the radiation accurately. But hey, get me!

Blood test also planned to work out the correct hormone therapy for me. Steve simply can’t wait to see what level of menopausal symptoms we’re in for.

So I thought I’d end this blog post before I head off to the hairdressers, by sending love to those who are still working their way through this new landscape of Cancer and all it entails and by sharing some of the messages I’ve received today following an update after my appointment. In truth the messages I’ve received to date have overwhelmingly been so warm and sustaining, only one person has informed me that I’d irritatingly inconvenienced them and their plans (genuinely!) Note to Self: dump.

Here’s a selection from today

‘That is just brilliant news. THE BEST’

‘Great news, we are both so happy for you’

‘I just couldn’t wait to call, great news. Go out and celebrate with a lovely meal and I want pictures to prove it!’

‘Whoop de do dah indeed. I’m skipping round the breakfast table here’

‘Aw that’s amazing news. I’m so bloody pleased. Massive hug’

‘That’s wonderful news. Still a way to go but very positive’

‘That’s brilliant news……….I’ll take back the headscarf I bought you then’

‘Congratulations, that’s such good news. As you said, it was just a blip’

 ‘Fantastic news now go and celebrate like you have never done before. (Good job I kept the receipt for the platinum blonde wig I bought you as a ‘pick me up’. Actually I may hold on to it for future role play!! Not)’

‘That has just made my day. Never had any doubt that all that positive thinking would work. You still need to take care of yourself though’

‘Speechless with relief for you 😉 😉 🙂 Thank goodness for emoticons. How did we get through 50 or more years of our life without them?!’

‘That’s brilliant yyyyyyeeeeeeessssssss’

So you can see the calibre of our friends and family. Top notch #TeamPositive members, each and every one of them.

6 thoughts on “It’s time to get a tattoo and a haircut…….

  1. I have just read your blog post (while drinking Caramel Latte in Costa!). I’m so very glad your news was positive for you today. Thinking of you as you start your treatment. One of my previous work colleagues had radiotherapy and surgery for breast cancer and has been in remission for a few years now.
    Take care and look after yourself. Sarah. Xx


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