“Get a grip Rosemary” says Elton John

super baconI guess that we all have a hidden Diva inside of us somewhere and it’s triggered by different things. Cars cutting the corners around my neighbourhood, slow supermarket checkouts, wet hair and narcissist selfie stick wavers. Each to their own.

Today, the Gloucester Echo reported that

“Elton John lets rip at Kingsholm Stadium”

Now before you make your own interpretation of that headline, let me translate for you.

Elton John, not typically shy of Divaesque behaviours, did indeed lose it at the concert last night. We were lucky enough to head along with some good friends of ours and were looking forward to a night of great music and hopefully a good atmosphere. Weirdly for the UK, the sun shone and since we were in an open air rugby stadium, that was fortuitous. Just to remind you from my last post that wet hair might indeed trigger my own Diva sensitivities and so everyone in attendance was pleased too.

After just a couple of numbers, Elton stopped playing and addressed one of the stewards over his sound system, who in his view was taking the authority of her high-viz jacket just a little too far. He. Let. Rip. Big Time.

You can read or hear some of his actual dialogue here if you want to.


Suffice to say if it were live on TV the majority of it would be bleeped out and the Twittersphere alight. He was in a right stink and let everyone know. All of us in the audience were in a heady mix of shock, support for the concept if not the words, delivery and the personal attack and amazement that the legend that is a fully tantrumming Elton had emerged and was in front of us.

Essentially he was frustrated that people right at the front were being told not to wave their arms as it was blocking the view of others and he vented this on one individual who he royally named and shamed and then to make matters worse (and I feel completely unacceptable) the camera focused in on her being led away crying. Whilst I understand and agreed with his view, I disagree with his method. It’s not far off bullying, and publically at that. Because who indeed, is going to stand up to a fully furious Elton?

After a few minutes downtime during his next number, I guess Mr John did have a little chat with himself and realised that he’d taken out his frustration publically and insultingly on someone who was in all likelihood just doing what they’d been told. He apologised and invited her to come on stage where he would apologise in person. Give her her due, she appeared; I would have been on the bus home, mortified and angry. Whilst the public apology was touching, inevitably the publicness of it does prompt the authenticity of it. An apology for talking in that way was enough. If he was truly being genuine then a quiet face to face conversation would have been more authentic and real. And to top it off, he said that he shouldn’t have spoken that way to a lady!!! <don’t get me started…………..>

Anyhow, he is a musical genius, if a headstrong one.

And it’s back to me, me, me………….

So tonight we have the appointment with my Oncologist, her of the beautiful hair. Hopefully my results will be back from the Oncotype DX test and they will be definitive enough to point us in a direction. Ideally the no chemo needed direction and we can get on with planning the radiotherapy.

I think I’ve mentioned before that the test gives a mark out of 50 and the higher the score the more likely that chemo will be a useful insurance for stopping future recurrences. If it’s under 18 then it’s not going to be useful and if it’s over 35 it is and you’ve guessed it, if it’s between 18-35 you haven’t won a holiday full of booze, tattoos and larking about, you’re welcomed into the ‘let’s talk about this and make a decision collectively’ zone. For me, I feel that’s not a great place to be and is fraught with tension. I’ll let you know the outcome and even as I type this, I feel nervous. So I do need to take a little of Elton’s advice from last night and ‘get a grip’. I knew he was talking to me! (Even though I’m clearly lying when I indicated on this blog title he’d used my name)

The other advice I’m taking is the collective love that I’ve felt today from so many of your messages. So many people have kindly contacted me specifically today to say that they are thinking of me and hoping that tonight’s outcome will be a #TeamPositive one. I am really touched that you’ve remembered, made the contact and sent your love. It’s really lifted me.

Thank you.

Till later………………………………

Ps. Bet you’re humming the bacon tune now 😉





2 thoughts on ““Get a grip Rosemary” says Elton John

  1. It’s the wheel of fortune
    It’s the leap of faith
    It’s the band of hope
    Till we find our place
    On the path unwinding
    In the circle, the circle of life
    (Elton John / Tim Rice, 1994)

    All the Best this evening.


    1. Simply perfect; thank you both Jeff and Gale. I suspect that the outcome, whatever it is, will make Steve a little dehydrated again…………………… 😉


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