Don’t cha wish your teapot was hot like me?

20150520_134720So I wasn’t planning to blog today as it was a #blogfree day as opposed to a #blogfest day, but………………then the post arrived. My friend Lynda has been cryptically sending me Twitter messages and text messages for a couple of weeks now intimating that she was ‘creating’ something for me. She loves to knit and create and is a very dynamic person and you never know quite what’s coming. She’s exciting, fun, loyal and kind.

Her handwriting is crazy and is one of her trademarks and an envelope with that writing on it spells trouble. Fun trouble mostly.

So I open the package and something is inside all beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper and ribbon. And there’s a card. I forgive her for selecting a card that features one of the banned words (journey) because she tells me that she’ll be with me like a bad smell for as long as it takes. Who can resist?

I feel myself acting like a child with a present who both does and doesn’t want to spoil the surprise of finding out what’s inside or some people I know who pick the wrapping paper off so slowly everyone around them pops off for a quick cuppa to fill in the time. I know that there’s nothing for it but to go for the reveal.

20150520_134700And it’s a boob tea cosy. How utterly fabulous is that.

Not only is it pink, it’s two tone.

And it has a nipple.

And there’s more.

It has it’s very own #TeamPositive label.

I can’t tell you how happy it’s made me, to think that she’s been knitting away and made such a fitting (Not actual size!) gift.

We had a fun phone call after the great reveal and she said ‘I thought to myself, I know I’ll knit her a boob. I had to design and modify it a bit, but I’m pleased with the end result’. She was so right.

And to top it off (so to speak) Lynda’s offered to put her #TeamPositive creation on her website to add to the coffers for Cancer Research. Here’s her link

I do hope your post was as exciting today.

9 thoughts on “Don’t cha wish your teapot was hot like me?

  1. Hmmmm, we had the regular delivery of ‘Motorcycle News’, (husband, obviously, well, I hope obviously), two letters for my son who is an activities instructor in Wales and a credit card statement for me. A boob-shaped tea cosy would have been much more welcome 😉

    What lovely friends you have Rosemary – enjoy!!! x


  2. Brilliant blog title for a brilliant gift!! I can never read her website address though without thinking it says Made by Lovely Booby!!!!! haha(and that was pre #Team Positive)!!!! xxx


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