Best foot forward and all that

20150507_074820So all the best laid plans. Today was results day following my surgery. Appointment at noon, a discussion regarding the histology results- the study of the microscopic structure of tissues – and then planning how we move forward dependent on the outcomes.

I guess you don’t realise how much emotional energy you have invested in something until it doesn’t happen when it’s supposed to.

We started the day in fine form. As we woke this morning the winds that have been battering the UK seemed to have temporarily halted and the sun was shining and so we decided to head up to Badbury Clump, a small forest about 10 miles away to see the bluebells. Amazingly we were there about 7.30am and it was perfect. Only a couple of cars there and very few people. The bluebells were just right, another few days and their unique splendour will be a memory, but today they were just right. To see so many in such a small area is gorgeous. The colours were really intense and another visitor said that he felt early morning was the best time to see them as the colours were more intense, when the sunlight is very bright it drains the colour a little. He was spot on. My wellies got a little muddy but apart from the slightly wet forest floor everything else was grand.

Heading back towards home we stopped to get fuel for the #TeamPositive transport section. Steve had been filling up for a couple of minutes when he realised that he’d forgotten his wallet, I didn’t have mine and what he thought was his wallet was actually his phone and diesel was still belting into the tank. Cue a walk of shame into the shop to confess to the cashier, hand over a phone to be kept in the safe as security and a dash home to retrieve legal forms of payment. We’re blaming it on our brain space currently being in short supply.

Heading back towards home for a second time (‘These roads looks very familiar today’ she commented) we received a phone call to say that my histology results have not arrived back and so our appointment needs to be moved. The option of tomorrow felt much better than waiting until Monday. So, another day in limbo land. We’ve holidayed here quite a bit recently.

Never mind. The lovely manicure session I have booked for 4pm this afternoon as a post-results treat will now need to provide some kick arse nails ready for tomorrow instead. (Sorry for swearing Mum, it slipped out)

I’ll update you tomorrow (choice of nail colour that is 😉 )



3 thoughts on “Best foot forward and all that

  1. Well, Buggerit, I say – the waiting is always the worst. Glad you have at least got an appointment for tomorrow. (By the way – just say and I can do all the swearing for you if you want – I know some *really* good words and will happily repeat them with gusto if necessity calls and your Mum is listening!!) Love and a hug, #Notalady Roz xxx


  2. That must be sooooooooo frustrating!!!! The Gods of fate care not for us mere mortals!!!! Love, thoughts and very best wishes for tomorrow!!! x


  3. What a bloody nuisance……Have uncrossed everything to let the circulation flow but will have everything crossed again for you tomorrow. Lots of Love Xxx


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