It was bound to happen…..

Topkapi PalaceBy bound to happen, I mean that I’d have a day when leading #TeamPositive wasn’t going to be my bag. Today please, I’d like to hand over to someone else and have a day off.

It’s not that I’m feeling dreadfully low or crying or even moping but I have had a bit of a whine, been mean to Steve a few times and generally felt out of sorts. Which is ridiculous and there’s no direct reason for it, I just feel this way today.

And today’s not even been that long as I slept well, ignored the alarm clock and lingered in bed until 10.30am. Unheard of for me but I guess my system is just saying hey, hold on a mo. I know all the info says to expect this and I knew that there’d be days when life wasn’t all it could be, but it’s still a pain nonetheless. I don’t feel a deep rooted need to be positive all the time and I genuinely do not want to be evangelical about positivity. Christ knows that would get on everyone’s nerves. Do slap me if you detect even the slightest hint of that occurring.

I’ve had a few lovely chats with the people at Macmillan Cancer Support today regarding travel insurance. With a trip coming up soon and trips already booked for later in the year, I needed to ensure that I am covered but also understand the impact that my current situation will have in terms of getting cover. The forums and advisors have all reiterated the need for cover of course but also the likely additional premium that travel insurance companies charge to cover you. What a (necessary) pain.

My guess is that the weather isn’t helping. How very British. The wind gusting and rain storms are so bleak and miserable and they feel like they’re trapping me indoors when I’d really like to head out and hunt down some bluebells.

However, there are some highlights for today:

My lovely friends continue to send thoughtful gifts which have included bespoke breast implants from The White Company (sort of i.e. the packaging gave us a laugh) and a healing crystal. Both sets of friends are lifers to me and mine.

I’m sort of hoping that I’m holding the emotional cup of blues in place of the Duchess of Cambridge and that she’s not affected by them- I mean the baby blues in her case. I’ve timed my down day to coincide with the likelihood of hers and have opted to take one for that team today.

I did feel the need to puff up a couple of cushions on one of the beds. This hasn’t felt like a priority use of energy thus far but today I couldn’t walk past it, so in my book that’s progress. I’ve chosen a photo I took to connect to this event to head up this post. It’s the Circumcision Room in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul which we visited in December. What an environment to have such a procedure carried out in. At least there’s something beautiful to look at.

A visit from Ben and Faye for a chat and a cuppa. Ben advised ME regarding the use of punctuation and grammar; my work here is done.





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