#TeamPositive goes live

car stickerSo many great things happened yesterday that I can feel the need for a list coming on………..

  1. Following the screening of the gorgeous Sheridan Smith in The C Word on BBC1 on Sunday night many people checked their gazinga’s for lumps and bumps and changes. Keep going ladies and don’t avoid screening appointments just because you glimpsed the machine that does the ‘pressing’. For pressing, read flattening regardless of bulkage
  2. The alarm clock woke me up rather than a reminder of my bruising etc
  3. Lovely treaty day with our friends
  4. @crisp_lovers followed me on Twitter (Your guess is as good as mine why this momentous event occurred)
  5. #TeamPositive stickers made their debut appearance

Good lists only have 5 or 10 items so I’ll stop there and concentrate on number 5.

When #TeamPositive was first conceived we thought that it would be a family saying that somehow would embed itself in our discussions and might be the bones of the thing that held us all together in the same place. As word about it spread through social media it took on a life of its own and was simply amazing to watch it’s trajectory. It somehow felt like a call to action. The question ‘Do you want to join?’ elicited a response from people and so many said yes. I don’t even think my world renowned home made Eccles cakes get snuffled up that fast.

When the concept of the tagline being made into stickers was suggested by Ben’s friend Andy it seemed that #TeamPositive was taking another leap, beyond our doors and into the homes of others. Yesterday I received my stickers and popped one on the rear window of my car. This might seem like fairly natural thing to do, but for me it’s not. Having lived with Ben for almost thirty years, someone who adds a sticker to anything that moves, I’ve always resisted and we’ve had many a family joke made by him saying ‘Oh, I’ve stuck it on your car’. So at last I’ve relented and it’s great.

Last night Ben set up a pop up web store http://teampositive.bigcartel.com/product/teampositive-sticker to share the sticker option further (for £2.50) with all the proceeds going to Cancer research charities and it went bonkers. Another amazing outpouring of support, charitable giving and love. It totally thrilled us to see all the orders popping in and the chat and messages on Facebook from friends and acquaintances.

What really struck a chord with me were the messages to Ben from his friends. He’s clearly surrounded by good people who know how to articulate their support through words, gestures and even some funny cancer jokes (Andy again!). Please keep it up. I’m depending on you.

That support for my family is critical to me. My parents tell me that if I had been born first I would have been an only child. I’d describe my early years as a time when I developed my assertiveness skills, leadership abilities and voice. My parents interpretation is slightly different….<coughs>

I’ll share a short two minute film of me interviewing my Dad (bless him) last year for a project I was working on about 2 year olds to give it to you from the horse’s mouth. Clearly anything he says cannot be taken as gospel. However, the point of this ramble is that when you are a strong bossy opinionated strong character, it’s hard sometimes to also allow yourself to be vulnerable and not strong and not the one that is part of the support system for others. So again, thank you everyone for supporting not only me but my most immediate network too.

Happy viewing and do take the poll afterwards to let me know your thoughts……….








11 thoughts on “#TeamPositive goes live

  1. Just a word of warning to everyone….. I think Rosemary is voting so that there is at least 1 definitely not….. this will probably increase unless there is a mechanism to constrain this child. Oh and in reference to the Eccles cakes…. they are all mine!!!


  2. So funny!!!! What is it the Jesuits say…………….give me a child for his first five years and I will give you the man…………? Something like that – the seeds were there Rosemary. There’s many a time I have felt like reverting to my two year old self – it’s hard work being a ‘grown-up’!!!


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